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Onur Taysu

Deputy Chairman of the Board / CEO

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{"board":1,"url":"onur-taysu","name":"Onur Taysu","title":"Deputy Chairman of the Board \/ CEO","img":"onur-taysu.jpg","text":"Onur has experience in both international communications and media industries as well as international finance, government relations and sectoral relations. He had worked as the General Coordinator at Global Connection International Media Group, operating across 24 countries and promoting Turkey internationally by developing special marketing communications projects from 2013 until 2018.\n\nBefore he started working globally Onur was in charge of developing communications and advocacy projects for Turkey\u2019s leading non-profit industry association, Turkish Building Material Producers (IMSAD). During this period, he initiated the publication of industry reports and books, and played a leading role restructuring the Association.\n\nHe obtained his Business Administration degree at Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and attended the European Union expertise program at Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences. Onur completed his MBA in global management and international finance at Clark University Graduate School of Management in Massachusetts, USA.\n\nOnur represented Turkey at the annual G-20Y Summit in Evian, France in 2017 and since then he has been a member of the G-20Y Association Friends\u2019 Circle.\n\nOnur Taysu has also been Advisor to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the High Advisory Board at REBTEK (Russian Economy, Science and Technology Council) and LAIGED (Latin America Business Development Association) since January 2019."}


Aysem Burhanoglu

HR Advisor

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{"board":0,"url":"aysem-burhanoglu","name":"Aysem Burhanoglu","title":"HR Advisor","img":"aysem.jpg","text":"Aysem began her career in 1991 as a merchandiser in a textile buying office and worked in procurement, operations and quality departments of a number of international companies. After having global sourcing and management experience in Wal- Mart\u2019s exclusive buying office, she founded her own firm with a partner and was responsible from business development, marketing and sales. In the following years she continued her career as a consultant and supported overseas companies in terms of finding suppliers and sourcing products and has provided services to mid-cap companies in Turkey in terms of management and extending their foreign market share.\n\nAfter completing HR Management course in Istanbul Technical University, she focused on this area in her consultancy services. She has rendered organizational development consultancy to different local and international companies and conducted over thousand interviews in different sectors with a variety of mid and executive level positions. She is an Adler certified coach, specialized in Executive and Career Coaching. Aysem also trained thousands of people on following topics: Leadership, Management Skills, Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Influencing and Selling Skills.\n\nShe has a university degree in Textile Engineering from Aegean University, in \u0130zmir. She is a fluent English speaker."}

Dr. Seyed Vahid Peyman

Strategic Advisor

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{"board":0,"url":"seyed-vahid-peyman","name":"Dr. Seyed Vahid Peyman","title":"Strategic Advisor","img":"vahid.jpg","text":"S. V. Peyman is the Chief Executive Officer at Peyman International Media Company, the Editor in Chief of Ipek Yolu Magazine (monthly magazine in three languages -English, Turkish, Persian), a member of the Executive Council of the Iranian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, Adviser to the Mayor of Tabriz, the General Director of Peyman Printing Industry and Ipek Yolu International Advertisement Company.\n\nIn collaboration with his brother S. F. Peyman, he founded his own private newspaper Asr-e-Azadi (the Epoch of Liberation) in 1997. Since then, he has also the duty of Editor in Chief of Asr-e Azadi.\n\nHe is a graduate of State University of Medical Sciences in Tabriz. During his university years he worked in the fields of printing industry and journalism with his father, who was a famous political activist and revolutionary journalist during 1980s in Iran. As a medical doctor, S. V. Peyman attended several training courses and other national and international workshops in the field of journalism organized by the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Advertisement during 1990s. \n\nS. V. Peyman is a founding member of the Journalists Association in East Azerbaijan and also the owner of various national and international awards in the field of journalism. He speaks Persian, Turkish, English, French and German."}