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UCOM international journalists network includes more than 200 journalists over 50 countries. Only journalists that allow sharing are listed below.

Stavroula Scalidi


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{"status":1,"url":"stavroula-scalidi","name":"Stavroula Scalidi","country":"Greece","title":"","img":"stavroula-scalidi.jpg","text":"Stavroula Scalidi is a professional with a 20 years of experience in print journalism, communication and media relations. She has been active in several areas including, digital marketing, blogging, media relations, communication, campaign management, content management, editing and publishing. \n\nFor 12 years she worked for the Mitsis Group\u2019s newspapers where she started her career as a book reviewer for the daily newspaper \u00ab\u0392\u03c1\u03b1\u03b4\u03c5\u03bd\u03ae\u00bb and later became a managing editor at \u00ab\u0395\u03c5\u03c1\u03c9\u03bf\u03b9\u03ba\u03bf\u03bd\u03bf\u03bc\u03af\u03b1\u00bb financial newspaper, writing stories about international business and determining the editorial content of the newspaper. During that period, she also wrote three novels published by \u201cPolis Editions\u201d and contributed to a collection of short stories. \n\nIn 2013 she became a freelance editor for the Polis Editions and for two years had a publishing experience in the areas of Literature, Arts and Culture. \n\nScalidi then joined the Kathimerini S.A. - \u00abH \u039a\u03b1\u03b8\u03b7\u03bc\u03b5\u03c1\u03b9\u03bd\u03ae \u03c4\u03b7\u03c2 \u039a\u03c5\u03c1\u03b9\u03b1\u03ba\u03ae\u03c2\u00bb - \u03a4\u03ad\u03c7\u03bd\u03b5\u03c2 & \u0393\u03c1\u03ac\u03bc\u03bc\u03b1\u03c4\u03b1 as a media relations consultant & teaching team leader and since 2015 she works for Dromoi Zois - \u00ab\u0394\u03c1\u03cc\u03bc\u03bf\u03b9 \u0396\u03c9\u03ae\u03c2\u00bb.\n\nShe continues to teach journalism, literature and language skills in a creative way \u2013 through gardening and crafting- to a multicultural classroom of children with low economic potential. She received a Debut Author Award from Literary Magazine DIAVAZO in 2009.","wf":"","writes":""}

Valur Gunnarsson


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{"status":1,"url":"valur-gunnarsson","name":"Valur Gunnarsson","country":"Iceland","title":"","img":"valur-gunnarsson.jpg","text":"Valur Gunnarson is an experienced journalist, an editor who was the co-founder of Reykjavik Grapevine magazine, celebrating its 12th birthday in 2019. For the last 15 years, he also worked as a journalist and arts correspondent for various newspapers in Iceland, as a stringer for AP and as a contributor for the Guardian. Valur also worked for RUV National Broadcasting as a freelancer for seven years and broadcasted radio series on music, literature, and singers like Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. \n\nHis articles appeared in literary magazines in Iceland and Finland as well as in National Geographic Travel, Newsweek\u2019s Budget Traveller, Berliner Zeitung, and the NYT. Between 2012 \u2013 2017Valur also worked as a lecturer at the University of Iceland giving courses on popular music and preparatory courses on modern Icelandic and modern world history at the Department of Icelandic. During the same period, he was the organizer of the Reykjavik International Film Festival and also worked as a tour guide. Since 2018 he is a translator for Forlagi\u00f0 Publishing working on promotional materials and book chapters.\n\nValur has a bachelor\u2019s degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Iceland, a master\u2019s degree in General History and currently a Ph.D. student in Comparative Literature. He\u2019s fluent in English, Norwegian and German.","wf":"","writes":""}